About Us


I am Tom Humphreys and have been restoring since I was a teenager buying very cheap motorbikes. I ultimately built up to my collection to 12 bikes by the time I met my wife Mandy, having sold many more in the interim. I have been restoring furniture for over 20 years and undergone various training courses in various disciplines and have experience of both English and French styles having lived in France for 6 years. I have done work for dealers and the public as well as councils and even some Chapels so I have encountered most things in my time.

We moved back to the UK in 2011, having lived in France for 6 years, and were lucky enough to find an old grain drying barn which we have been able to purpose convert to suit out business. I now am the proud owner of a great workshop with a lovely French log burner to keep me warm and enough space for me to arrange all my tools and equipment and still have plenty of room. Lots of natural light and a great extraction system makes it the best workshop I have ever had.

Before moving to France we lived in Shropshire on the Welsh border where I cut my teeth on the traditional country oak furniture of the region along with the more refined classical pieces often in mahogany and walnut.  Whilst in France I worked extensively on varying  styles and periods of furniture including armoires, buffets, jardinieres, tables, chairs etc. Many had boule work, inlay, marquetry etc. It certainly tested my skills as the French are very specific in their requirements. I specialise in traditional French Polishing. Nothing looks better than  a well polished. well loved beautiful piece of furniture.

There is such satisfaction in bringing a family piece back to it’s former glory, so if you have a piece of furniture which you treasure, but has seen better days, why not get in touch?

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